Latest 7th Pay Commission Calculator 2016-Report

With the announcement of 7th pay commission 2016 in India, everyone was excited about what their salaries would be w.e.f. 01.01.2016. We have already written about expected 7th pay commission pay scales. Lot of readers of this website were requesting to put up a utility on this site where they can calculate their expected salary w.e.f. 01.01.2016 based on the expected pay scales for India Government employees.

As the seventh pay commission report has been finalized and submitted to the government in Nov 2015, everyone is eager to know their new salaries as on 01.01.2016. This time the commission has changed the pay structure. The 7th pay commission structure is done in the terms of pay levels unlike grade pay system in 6th CPC.Today the cabinet approved the 7th pay commission recommendations and accepted the latest seventh pay commission report.

So we have made a simple 7th pay commission calculator 2016 where you can fill in your current pay details and check the future expected pay. Simply enter the values in the box below and this seventh pay commission salary calculator will display your expected salary as on 01.01.2016. It is not a 7th pay commission salary calculator in excel but it works on excel at the back end. We have used the 7th pay commission calculation formula as given in the pay commission report. The calculation formula uses 2.57 as multiplication factor.

Click here for One Rank One Pension Calculation table for PBOR and Officers

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How to Use this Seventh CPC Calculator Online

After you calculate the New Basic Pay using this 7th CPC Calculator online you need see the image below (click on image to enlarge).

Find the new pay level corresponding to your current grade pay by using table 4 in the image. Then in the image see table 5 and the corresponding level. In that level find the equal or next higher value of the new basic pay calculated using this calculator.

7th pay commission pay calculatorExample: Current Basic Pay=21000 and Grade Pay=6600My New Pay Level as per table 4 in the image is 11, the New Basic Pay as per this 7th cpc calculator is 70932. Now 70932 corresponds to 71800 in level 11 in table 5. So the Final New Basic Pay as on 01.01.2016 would be Rs.71800.

Download our 7th pay commission salary calculator in excel.If any problem please inform us in comments section below.Download on your PC our excel pay calculator here.

Current Basic Pay: Current Grade Pay:
New Basic Pay:

Download excel salary calculator on your PC here.

32 thoughts on “Latest 7th Pay Commission Calculator 2016-Report”

  1. shashi kant says:

    Hello sir
    I am a primary teacher in basic siksha parishad schools sir please tell me my expected salary according to the recommendations of 7th pay comission. I am giving my details
    Pay band …. 9300-34800
    Basic pay……14800
    Grade pay……4200

  2. V KRISHNA says:


  3. Prakash KM says:

    Any mathematician can play any gymmics.That what seventh pay commission.See the case of my total salary? It is fifty thousand. According to seventh pay commission it is basic pay of just approximately fifty three.Means only two thousand without DA.

  4. Jagat dash says:

    When Govt. is thinking about Government employees, who are the practical voter for whom the elected govt. formed, why the Govt. is not giving them important and giving pensionary benefit to them either Old man/Woman, Cultivator,Road foot Path shop keeper,Private Taxi driver, Poor farmers or to the Bhinakhyam worker engaged in private small companies? Bring this to the notice of all political parties for taking a step for these people.

  5. Bala Krishna says:

    7th cpc calculator is Not Working

  6. ankur kumar says:

    Sir . Abhi mera grade pay 1800, pay band 5200 to meri salrey kitni hogi

  7. aashu says:

    Its corrected now…thanks for reporting.

  8. aashu says:

    Dear Shashi Kant Ji, your new basic pay as on 01.01.2016 would be Rs.49000/- …you can add other allowances like hra,tpt etc as per your admisibility

  9. shivanandkalekar says:

    bahut badhiya

  10. ramesh says:

    My basic pay is 9800+grade pay is 2400 and ms pay is 2000 now how much new basic pay sir

  11. ratan debnath says:


  12. CHandan Boro says:

    My basic pay is 6410+grade pay is 2200 now how much new basic pay sir

  13. vijaykumarmakode says:

    my 6 pay comation 20220 –4300–da 30650
    9300—garadpay— 4300
    pla 7 pay clacut

  14. N.K. Saini says:

    My present pay band is 9300-34800, basic pay is Rs.22220, Grade pay is 5400 and TA is 3200. What would be my basic pay, Sir?

  15. N.K. Saini says:

    My present pay band is 9300-34800, basic pay is Rs.22220, Grade pay is 5400 and TA is 3200. What would be my basic pay, Sir?

    N.K. SAini

  16. Sujit Kumar Hazra says:

    Please calculate my salary from Jyly 2016

  17. gopal says:

    Sir I am a Draughtsman , My Basic pay is 24525 and grade pay is 4200 in scale of pay 9300-34800 what will be my present as per 7th pay commission.

  18. Dipak kumar says:

    Is it true that service period reduced to 33 years only in government jobs,i think it is a good dissicions by central government I hope modi ji will increase the age limit from 27 to 37 to enter into government jobs

  19. aashu says:

    No it is not true yet..

  20. aashu says:

    Dear Gopal Ji….your new basic pay would be 74300 as on 01.01.2016

  21. aashu says:

    Dear N.K.Saini Ji….ur new basic is Rs71300…..Please share our site on facebook if you liked it.thnaks

  22. Ashutosh Biswas says:

    Sir l am a pharmacist ditails my pay is basic 15610 grade pay 4200 hra 10% pca 2070

  23. devindet says:

    my basic is 19160 and gradepay is 4600 what will be my new basic pay

  24. aashu says:

    Rs.62200…….Please share our site on facebook if you liked it….thanks

  25. aashu says:

    Dear Ashutosh ji…..Ur New basic pay is Rs.52000………Please share our site on facebook if you liked it….thanks

  26. SURESH TIWARI says:

    I am leaving in Delhi and how we can calculate about transport allownces

  27. sharad pandey says:

    my basic pay is 18560 and grade pay is 4600 what salary will be in New scale

  28. Zahid Husain says:

    Dear I am giving my details
    Pay band …. 9300-34800
    Basic pay……15860 Grade pay……4200
    DA……………….125% Please share our site on facebook if you liked it….thanks

  29. aashu says:

    Dea Zahid your new basic pay is Rs.52000….Please share our site on facebook if you liked it….thanks

  30. aashu says:

    Dear Sharad…ur new basic pay is Rs.60400……….Please share our site on facebook if you liked it….thanks

  31. aashu says:

    Dear Suresh…ur transport in Delhi is 7200+DA

  32. l jayaseelan says:

    I retired in 31 Oct 2013 as Accounts Asst with Basic pay 11575/- and pay band 4600/- what will be my pension now.

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