One Rank One Pension Calculation Table for PBOR and Officers

one rank one pension PBOR table

OROP-PBOR-Projected-Pension-Table-2Kindly Note following points:

1. This one rank one pension calculation table has been made by incorporating actual and best data across all the three Services i,e Army, Air Force and Navy.

2. The pension has been fixed on the basis of pension of higher rank for Majors.

3. The pension in this one rank one pension table for Lts and Capts is as per VI CPC pay fixation.

4. The MSP is granted notionally to Major Generals and above rank officers to grant higher pension viz Brigadiers.

5. The EOFP or Enhanced Ordinary Family Pension shall be equal to re fixed pension at the time of retirement. Special Family Pension shall be 120% of the re fixed pension at retirement and Liberalised Family Pension will be 200% of the re fixed pension at retirement.

6. For lower or less disability, less than 100%, the above figures shall be reduced as per applicability.

Big Thanks to Maj (retd) S K Jain and Sqn Ldr (retd) Charanjit Singh


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