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About National Pension Scheme

NPS means National Pension Scheme. All the central government employees appointed on or after 01.01.2004 are covered by this NPS pension scheme.  National pension scheme is open to all between age 18 to below 60.

Once you opt for this scheme you need to contribute every month minimum Rs.500. For government employees covered under NPS scheme, they have deposit 10% of their basic pay plus DA every month besides this equal amount is contributed by the government employer.

There are investment charges in this national pension scheme, of 0.01%. Also, before retirement or 60 years of age you can withdraw only 20% of your total corpus. At the time of retirement or 60 years of age, you can withdraw 60% of total accumulated corpus. The remaining 40% will have to be used for buying an annuity plan which will provide you monthly pension. If you want to calculate your seventh pay commission salary, check out 7th pay calculator here.

NPS Calculator

This NPS calculator helps you in calculating your total retirement corpus including interest earned on your monthly contributions. As we know, the magic of compounding starts to work in your favour over longer periods of time. If you start early, then by the end of 60 years or retirement, you would have accumulated substantial wealth.

So, to use this NPS calculator, just enter the monthly contributions made towards national pension scheme and enter the expected rate of return on your investment, then this calculator will calculate the total value of your investments at the time of retirement or 60 years of age.


Total NPS Contribution each month:
Number of months/years remaining in Retirement or getting 60 years old:
Expected Return (Enter values like 8,9 or so): %
Total :


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