New 7th pay commission calculator salary and arrears both

First of all a big thanks to all our esteemed readers for appreciating our 7th pay commission calculator over such a long time. Now everything is clear as the notification of 7th pay commission is out already.

So, we thought that you must get something better and more useful calculator. Here we are ready with our new calculator. It is a 7th pay commission calculator in excel which is not available online on our site as was the previsions calculator.

However, we have prepared an e-book which you can download from amazon by clicking the following link. In that e-book you will get the link to download the new 7th pay commission calculator. This new pay calculator is very useful as it calculates your new salary as on 01.01.2016 as well as on 01.07.2016 too. Not only this, it calculates the arrears also. So its a great calculator.

Here is a snapshot, how it looks. 7th pay commission calculator

This is book is free initially for 1 or 2 days. Then you will have to buy this ebook. As we have been putting in lot of hard work over such a long time, we thought we must earn some best website designer news so that we continue to bring the innovative calculators and other utilities to our reader.

Download e-book for free here

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  1. pandi says:

    7th pay commition Gds BPM new pay scale

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