Consider buying a Health Insurance Policy

Rising health-care costs and increasing longevity has created awareness about the importance of health insurance. At a very rudimentary level, health insurance is an insurance, which covers for the medical expenses incurred by you. Even if you are a government employee, buying a health insurance policy makes much of a sense.

Similar to other forms of insurance, you can take a policy under which a fixed sum is covered to protect yourself against stated health care risks as mentioned in the policy.

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There is a cost by way of premiums that you pay for such a policy, which depends on your age, current health condition and the amount of insurance that you take which is the sum assured by the policy. If you want to find the right health insurance policy for you visit

Like every other insurance policy, health plans too come with conditions. Usually, to avail of any benefits under the health insurance policy, the policy holder needs to be hospitalized for at least 24 hours. The policy typically covers for room or boarding expenses, nursing expenses, surgeon fee, physician, operation theater charges, medicines, medical tests and a lot many other necessary expenses.

Depending on the kind of policy purchased it might also cover ore and post hospitalization expenses and further help you with certain amount of daily cash allowance during hospitalization under ‘Hospital Cash’ benefits.
In fact, most policies even have a waiting before certain medical con.

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ditions are covered by them, also known as pre-existing diseases. Treatment related to pre-existing diseases is usually excluded for a fixed period or waiting period, which could be from two to four years depending on the policy type. As with every insurance plan, there are exclusions when it comes to health insurance which you need to know of. For instance, pregnancy is not covered by most health insurance plans.

By the recent reports by a dentist in Sydney, among the exclusions that distinctly stand out include dental treatment (learn what to do for a dental emergency in this case) and prescription glasses in case of defect in eye-sight. Also, Sam Delahunty treats TMJ disorder. So if you suffer from TMJ then make sure to get an appointment with Sam Delahunty. Another important exclusion is sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Treatment cost for such infections are usually excluded under the permanent exclusions part of health insurance policy. For you to benefit the most from your health insurance/European health card plan, it is recommended you know what your policy covers and what is excluded.