7th Pay commission salary calculator in excel

Good news , we have prepared 7th Pay commission salary calculator in excel. You can check it to find your new salaries. You can go to above page and see it there.


29 thoughts on “7th Pay commission salary calculator in excel”

  1. Dhananjay says:

    my basic pay 10300 & gp 2400 what new pay

  2. Anil niwaria says:

    Dear sir, please do 5_7 % increment in the salary, if possible

  3. aashu says:

    Dear Dhananjay ….Your New Baisc Pay is 24200 ……..pl share us on facebook…thanks

  4. Ashutosh Biswas says:

    Basic 16400 grade pay 4600 hra 10%

  5. aashu says:

    Dear Ashutosh ….Your New Baisc Pay is Rs.56900 and total pay is Rs. 61452……..pl share us on facebook……….thanks

  6. Ramkishan says:

    Dear sir my basic pay 7520 HRA 30% TA 1600 how much my total pay

  7. mustak shaikh says:

    basic 15210 plz tell me new basic

  8. aashu says:

    pl provide ur basic and grade pay separately

  9. Ashutosh Biswas says:

    sir my staff’s basic 15630 grade pay 46000 new basic ?

  10. Ashutosh Biswas says:

    sir my staff’s basic 15630 grade pay 4600 Hra 10% new basic ?

  11. mustak shaikh says:

    my basic is 11010 and gradepay is 4200

  12. aashu says:

    Dear Mustak ji…ur new basic pay is rs.39900……..pl share us on facebook

  13. aashu says:

    Dear Ashutosh ji…new basic pay is 52000

  14. Rakesh Pandey says:

    Sir my basic is 10170 Grd pay is 2400 msp 2000 how is my total payment in seventh pay commission

  15. Mohit Kumar Vaishnav says:

    my current basic 10450 and 10% HRA 125% DA ……..sir what is my basic pay and gross pay in 7th pay comm.

  16. aashu says:

    Pl inform ur grade also

  17. CH, SHANKER says:

    My basic pay 11490
    Gread pay 2800

  18. aashu says:

    Dear Shanker ji…ur new basic is Rs.37000

  19. Raja says:

    My basic pay is 17410 as on 01.01.2016 and I am running staff working as Sr passanger guard plz let me know the new basic in 7th cpc

  20. Varinder says:

    My present basic pension is 6900 please tell my new

  21. Md Nurul islam says:

    My basic pay is 10600&go 2400 my new pay.

  22. Shah Nitesh says:

    My basic pay is 12650,grade pay 2800 , travelling all, 1600 what is my new pay

  23. KAMLESH Puri says:

    MY BAISC PAY is Rs56000.00 gp is 8900 what will be my new basic pay and total salary HRA is 20%

  24. MODAN YASIN says:

    i am running staff my basic is 18230 GP 4200 what will be my new Basic And Arreas UpTO Aug 16

  25. KULWANT says:


  26. my basic pay 10000 & gp 2400 what new pay+HRA20%

  27. pritpal singh says:

    what will be my pension afyer 7 pay commission
    SGT_X group, DOJ 20 Aug 1982, DOD 14 Jan 2000 (17 Year 4 monyh 26 days)

  28. bhim sen saroj says:

    besic pay 8460 gred pay 2000

  29. My basic pay is 15760 & my grade pay is 4800.what will be my basic pay and total salary.(HRA10/

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